Anonymous inquired Actually season 5 of game of thrones, Tyrion leaves Westeros and goes to Essos(where denearys is) to find her. They do meet but they don't have much interaction in this season

no hyea i know tyrion leaves westeros but im just sayin in the books they dont meet at all and tbh i dont really remember much of adwd but im pretty sure he goes to essos to find his first wife and then later on decides to go to dany (but still doesnt actually meet her)

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Game of Thrones s5 

I have so many questions and my first is WHAT THE FUCK

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me ft new haircute 

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Capybara with head of human and body of human

fuck my ass



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hmmmm ive had a bandaid on my finger for most of the day and i just took it off tbh it reminds me of that guy that fell asleep fingering his gf 

chimpwithumbrellahat yes to both(u got the position as Instagram manager also I say hall now) also I’m on iPad so I have emoji temporarily 💩

I thought neighbours at war was no more tbh but apparently it’s on next

One day my Instagram will just be pics of my stiletto nails being showcased in front of louboutins and it’ll be a different colour everyday

Omg there’s a show about bogans on tv rn and this lady was showing her house and she got to her grandsons room and there were cumstains on the floor and she’s like ” good thing ur not wasting nanas tissues just use a towel and put it in the wash”

My life revolves around reality tv tbh I blame John key ya fucker

Tbh imo bgc 5 > 7 > 9 >10 »>8 »»>12»»»» 11

toxicwinner HONESTLY THO like…. Is this a fight or a lady Gaga concert tbh

Tbh I can make it through this I’m just gonna do what I usually do when I’m bored and talk to myself about bad girls club